Trillium Batley

The Batley Valve brand started in 1964 in United Kingdom and well known globally as high-performance butterfly valves. Batley Valve able to manufactures a wide variety of highly engineered butterfly valves for isolation and control applications tailored to your specific industry.


Valve Model

BV10000 Swing Through- Flow Control
BV18000 Batseal- PTFE Lined
BV20000 Steadseal- O’ring seal
BV22000 Hyperseal- PTFE seal
BV24000 Firesafe- Offshore
BV26000 Metal seal- High Temperature
BV30000 Vari-Diff- Cavitation/ Low noise trim
BV34000 Rubber Lined- Vulcanized rubber lined
BV36000 Crygenic- Cryogenic hyperseal

Triple Eccentric Designs

Triple Offset

  • Designed for applications where zero leakage is required with a metal seat arrangement.
  • Zero seat leakage (including testing to Class VI, bubble tight, zero leakage and API 598).
  • Triple Offset geometry prevents seat or seal wear by eliminating interference between body seat and disc seal.
  • Able to produce very large valve sizes (max to date 96” bore diameter).
  • Can operate at temperatures up to 1200°C (2200 ° F) .
  • Fire safe to API 607, Sulphur and cryogenic tested.


  • Short Face – Face Dimension.
  • Improved Overall Weight and space requirements – lower installed cost.
  • Easy 1-person ¼ turn operation.
  • ¼ turn Saves on Automation Costs.
  • Reduced operating Torques.
  • Capital Cost savings 12” and larger.
  • Capital Cost Savings on Alloy Valves.
  • Double the Cv Value of Globe valves.
  • Used for On-Off and Control.
  • Fire-safe to API-607 Rev 4.
  • Improved Shut off (ANS/FCI class VI & API 598).
  • Frictionless seat Design enhances Life cycle of Valve.