Sensia Jiskoot

SENSIA GLOBAL technology enables our customers to digitalize, automate and optimize the production, transportation and processing of oil and gas, as well as providing auditable and traceable measurements for fiscal, custody transfer and allocation management. Our solutions range from stand‐ alone flow meters to fully integrated systems that are compliant with any applicable standards and configured to meet the needs of your application whilst delivering a rapid return on investment. Our large installed base of technology from market leading brands such as Caldon, Jiskoot, Barton and Nuflo are field‐proven and internationally recognized as best in class.


SENSIA Jiskoot Blending System

Sensia supplies a wide range of blending systems ranging from small two-stream fuel oil blenders to large multistream systems with analyzer trim and SCADA control.


Low-grade crude oils can be blended with a higher grade oil for refining or export. Often, the blender uses an analyzer to optimize the blended product for a specific component such as API gravity, viscosity, or sulfur content.


Higher specification, lower cost diesel can be produced by in-line blending. Blenders can take major components directly from process units to reduce intermediate tank storage. Using analyzers for sulfur and cetane, the blended diesel can be produced to an exact environmental specification.


Ethanol is used in a wide range of industries. Ethanol typically is denaturized before being dispatched from a bonded plant. This is achieved by blending a variety of denaturants with the ethanol. Contamination of sequential loads with different denaturants must be avoided by incorporating a flush cycle in each batch.


Fuel oil (or bunker fuel) is blended globally. Blenders can be trailer-mounted, mounted on fuel barge decks, or shoremounted. They enable operators to produce any type of fuel oil within very close viscosity and volumetric tolerances from as few as two base components, normally heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine diesel oil (MDO).