PAS is leading provider of innovative software and professional services that improve Human Reliability in industrial facilities and enhances safety, compliance, and profitability.

PAS Operation Management Solutions:

  1. Alarm Management
  2. Control Loop Performance Monitoring
  3. Operational (Safe Operating Limit) Boundary Management
  4. Independent Protection Layers (IPL) Assurance.
  5. High Performance HMI

PAS Automation Asset Management Solutions:

  1. Automation Integrity
  2. Map automation system
  3. Document configuration and track changes
  4. Inventory system utilization and available spare capacity

PAS Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security:

  1. Cyber Integrity
  2. Inventory management of IT and OT system hardware and software including configuration data, control strategies, I/O cards, firmware and any custom data.
  3. Vulnerability management. Automates vulnerability assessment fot=r IT and OT assests.
  4. Configuration management. Monitors for unauthorize changes to control strategies, device inventory, asset configuration, logic and graphical files.
  5. Risk Aanalytics. Identify cybersecurity risk.
  6. Compliance management. Audit and delivers report.