Combustion and Emission management

As one of the biggest sectors in world economics, it becomes an important role for oil and gas industry player to manage emissions from combustion gases, hydrocarbons and CFC gases in order to create a cleaner environment in their daily operation.

Provide combustion and emission management solutions from design and engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning as well as aftermarket services. Our partner has been a global leader in a combustion and pollution control technology since 1984 and has been growing their profile by offering a broad suite of quality products and services for upstream, midstream and downstream of oil and gas market.

We design our flare system according to our customer requirement so that the relief gas can be dispose safely to environment. We are offering a complete flare system which includes:

  • Utility (Pipe) flare tip and Assisted flare tip (Air, Steam, Gas, Sonic)
  • Manual and Automatic Ignition control system (Flame Front Generator, High Energy Ignition) and Pilot
  • Elevated flare support (Freestanding, Guy-wired, Derrick, Demountable Derrick)
  • Flare system accessories (Purge seal, Liquid seal drum, Knockout drum)

When it comes to meeting local authority requirement in terms of emission release to air, we have our range of enclosed combustion system that provide the highest destruction removal efficiency (DRE). With the recent Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulation 2014 imposed to the industry, we are able to provide and offer our customer the solution that can meet the emission limit ruled such as:

  • Thermal Oxidizer (99.9% DRE)
  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer (99.9% DRE)
  • Vapor Combustor Unit (99.9% DRE)
  • Clean Emission Burner (CEB) (99.99% DRE)

Customer also can have benefits from our Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) not only on reduces harmful VOC by 98% and more, but they can have return of investment where the captures and return of vapor to liquid state for commercial re-sale. This technology may be applied to refineries and fuel terminal, where VOC during petroleum supply chain activities by truck, train, marine loading, tank and tank breathing are captured and recovered.

With our dedicated team together with our partner, we commit to meet our customer requirement for a cleaner environment, not only for now but also for future.